About us

A cruising spot specializing in “YOUNG x YOUNG” mainly for 20s!
Bangs Refreshing Neuter Brown hair Fashionable Of course short hair is welcome and no hairstyle restrictions. Beginners are welcome. Age limit up to 35 years. 2 minutes walk from Shinjuku 2-chome! open 24 hours!

In-store style

Underwear (May change depending on the event).

Business hours

24 hours.

Store holiday

Due to in-store maintenance, the store will be closed every Tuesday from 12:00 to 15:00.

Admission fees

Early-morning discount
1,000 yen
Early-time discount
1,300 yen
Golden-time discount
1,600 yen
Genelal 1,800 yen
Under 20 years old discount*1
(Only for customers under 20 years old.)
800 yen
Under 24 years old discount*1
(Only for customers under 24 years old.)
1,000 yen
Under 29 years old discount*1
(Only for customers under 29 years old.)
1,300 yen
Pair discount / Group discount
(Two or more people come to the store together.)
Charge for each person
1,300 yen
Going out ticket*2 300 yen

*1ID card with face photo is required.
*2Valid for up to 12 hours within the available time from ticket issuance. If the time is exceeded, the admission fee will be charged again.

Time you can stay

You can stay for 24 hours after entering the store.
After 24 hours, you will be charged an additional 1-day extension fee.

Rental and amenities

Due to the price revision, all of the following rental items and amenities will be available free of charge.

Towel (Exchange free) / Jockstrap / Underwear / Condom / Lotion / Body soap / Two-in-one shampoo / Mouthwash / Toothbrush / Facial wash / Face toner / Styling wax / Hand cream / Hairdryer


You can use the USB cable freely with each locker. We also rent cables for each model for free. Free Wi-Fi is available in the store.

For enjoyment of all costomers

  • The age limit is 18 to 35 years. Costomer under the age of 18 and high school students cannot enter the store. We may refuse to enter the store at the discretion of the staff on the day, such as those with a thick body, those who are drunk, those who are dressed as women and those who are made up. Please note. We may ask you to show your ID (identification card) to confirm your age.
  • The in-store style is underwear. Nakedness is prohibited. Naked, exposed local wandering in the store is prohibited from publicly guilty of obscenity.
  • Please cooperate with alcohol disinfection, hand washing, gargle, and shower bath to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
  • It is forbidden to bring in or use drugs, regardless of whether they are legal or illegal.
  • Bringing food into the store, eating, drinking alcohol, and chewing gum in the store are prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to bring smartphones or mobile phones outside the locker room or lounge space.
  • Calls on mobile phones, loud conversations between customers, and camera photography are prohibited.
  • Please manage the locker key at your own risk. (We will keep your locker key at the reception.) If you lose your locker key, you will be charged the actual cost.
  • If you violate any other rules, inconvenience, or illegally act, you will be asked to leave the store and we will refuse to use it anymore. If it is malicious, we will submit the video of the security camera to the police.
  • If there is any damage, we will charge the actual cost. Our shop does not take any responsibility for theft, loss, and troubles between customers.
  • Large luggage that cannot fit in a locker, travel bags, etc. cannot be brought into the store. Thank you for your understanding.