A cruising spot specializing in “young x young” mainly for 20s! Bangsrefreshingneuterbrown hairfashionable Of courseshort hair is welcome and no hairstyle restrictions.
Beginners are welcome. Age limit up to 35 years. 2 minutes walk from 2-chome! open 24 hours!


Underwear (may change depending on the event)




Type Fee
General 1,500JPY
Early-time discount 1,000 yen
weekdays 0:00-17:00
Weekend early-time discount 1,000 yen
Sat, Sun, and holidays 4:00-11:00
Posts(webside) discount 1,000 yen
with towel, show the posts is required (posts discount is only available till 20s)
18-20years old discount 600 yen
ID card with photo is required
21-24 years old discount 1,000 yen
ID card with photo is required
Student discount 1,000 yen
ID card with photo is required
Pair discount / Group discount 1,200 yen
charge for each person
Temporary Outing ticket 200 yen
valid for 12 hours * only available within 24 hours after you check-in. Fee will be charged again if over 24 hours.


Staying time limited to 24 hours.
Extension fee(1,500 yen) will be charged again over 24 hours.


Large luggage which is not fit in the locker can be kept at the reception. We could keep your baggage when you go out. The service is only available from Mon 0:00AM to Fri 6:00PM and limited to totally 12 hours.


Item Charge
Rental towel (exchange free) 100 yen
Ketsuware (Jockstrap) 100 yen
Underwear rental 200 yen
Underwear sales 500 yen ~
Shaving 50 yen
Lotion sale 250 yen ~
Soft drinks 100 yen ~


USB cable in each locker (Smartphones can be charged! cables can be rented for free!)
Condoms and lotions are installed in every private room!
Shower room / bathroom (washlet)
Shampoo, toothbrush, hair-wax, face-wash, hand-cream, and hair dryer are free to use !


  1. High school students and customers who are under 18 cannot enter the store.
  2. The age limit is 35 years old. ID might be requested if confirmation of age is necessary.
  3. We may refuse entry for people with thick bodies. Please note that the decision will be made at the entrance.
  4. Customers who are dressed as women or have made up are not allowed to enter the store.
  5. The in-store style is underwear. Nakedness is prohibited.
  6. Exposure outside of the private room is prohibited. Publicly obscene are prohibited as well.
  7. Use or bring in drugs is strongly prohibited no matter if it is legal or illegal.
  8. Please use your mobile phone in the designated space.
  9. Please do not bring chewing gum in the store.
  10. Please do not keep chatting in the store. Thank you for your cooperation.
  11. Keeping the key of lockers responsible for the customer. please leave it at the reception when you take a nap. actual cost will be charged if the key got lost.
  12. If you do any inconvenience in the store, you may be asked to leave and you probably cannot get in the store again.
  13. Please do not bring any food or alcohol.
  14. Customers who are drunk may be refused to get in the store.
  15. If malicious mischief or equipment in the store is intentionally damaged, we will report it to the police and charge the actual cost.